ILIFFE CNC Longboard trucks "Downhill" in ORANGE - Set

Número de artículo: BI-CNC-2orange

Categoría: Ejes

Fabricante: ILIFFE

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Tiempo de entrega: 1 - 4 días de trabajo

349,95 €

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JUCKER HAWAII presents ILIFFE High Percision CNC Longboard truck.

This truck statisfies the highest expectations of ambitous longboarders. Riders across Hawaii and the US-Mainland are ecstatic about this truck. Each truck is individually manufactured in the US. The material used is the best 6061 Airplane grade Aluminum for top quality. This high precision truck is very stabile and displays an excellent steering.

The ILIFFE CNC TRUCK is a Highprecision truck, is a top quality truck for riders at a high level of longboarding.



  • Color: Orange, Matte
  • Width: 186 mm
  • Neutral Racke
  • Axle: 303 Stainless Steel
  • Material: 6061 Airplane Grade Aluminium
  • Angle: 50°
  • Kingpin: Standard Stainless Steel
  • Pivotcup: Riptide 95a
  • Bushings: 86a

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