Two Friends

The label JUCKER HAWAI’I originated from a dream two friends once had. Mr. Barns and Mike lived this dream on their travels around the world in pursuit of the perfect wave and continue to live their dream with their label JUCKER HAWAI’I. Our products reflect the dream of a Hawaiian lifestyle beneath the waves and valleys of the islands in the Pacific.

Rider Owned and Operated

Mike is skateboarder/ snowboarder/surfer and stand-up-paddler living in Hawaii for over 13 years. When the ocean goes flat, you can find Mike is riding his longboard in the streets of Maui. Mr. Barns, is “Silent SUP Pioneer” (Quote: Stand Up Magazin) and Surfer for over 30 years. He was one of the first “Windskaters” in Europe.

Hawaiian Style

All products of JUCKER HAWAI’I are heavily influenced by Mike’s passion for the lifestyle in the Hawaiian Islands. All graphics are inspired by the culture of the Hawaiian Islands and the team is constantly working to ensure to deliver a high quality product. Our Motto: Enjoy Your Ride! As surfers, stand-up-paddlers and skaters we are driven by the passion of board sports, regardless on what kind of board you find your kick. Our Motto is: Enjoy Your Ride! Be out there and have fun riding your board.

Be “Pono” – Do what’s right!

As a local company it is important to us to operate with the respect of the Hawaiian Culture: Respect the Land, Respect the Ocean! Do what is right, be “Pono”. Give back from where you take.