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Extreme practically companion

A must have for every board athlete

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JUCKER HAWAII Skate Tool for Longboards, Skateboards, Pennyboards

With our fitting tool you can finally tighten your loose screws :)

The JUCKER HAWAII T-Tool is compatible for the king pin nut, the truck nuts and baseplate screws to dismantle the whole truck.

Additionally it has a removable allen key, so you always got all the instruments for a successfully ride in your pocket.

Summarized all the features on one view:


  • 3/8" Hex (Baseplate nuts)
  • 1/2" Hex (Truck nuts / Wheels)
  • 9/16" Hex (Kingpin nuts)
  • Allen key - Spider (Baseplate Screws)

TIPP: If you tighten up your wheels, watch out that they don't have clearance. But at the same time do not turn the nuts too tight, so your bearings won't crash.

Enjoy Your Ride!

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